5 Questions With… ReOrder

In the first of a new series called ‘5 Questions with’ we talk to Trance DJ and Producer ReOrder.

  1. Hey Tibor, congratulations on all your success over the past few years. If you had to name one gig as the one that made you feel like you’ve made it, would that be the Trance Energy stage at Tomorrow Land a few weeks ago?

Big thanks Simon! Surely Trance Energy has been my dream ever since it started. I honestly couldn’t believe it at first! It was spectacular to be there on this most amazing stage ever built and on top of that to be first Czech-Slovak DJ playing at Tomorrowland. That doesn’t happen every day! In past years I had the chance to play some amazing events like Transmission, Dreamstate, Luminosity or Electronic Family as well. All really big parties DJs dream to play at.

  1. Four out of the five best selling ReOrder tracks sold on Beatport are released on Future Sound of Egypt. Did you speak to FSOE about releasing your first artist album?

I shouldn’t be revealing too much but we are talking about this option. Since me and MissReOrder are planning our wedding I am struggling to find a time to finish the album up, but it looks like it will be finished by the end of the year 2017. Working on an Album is way different than working on single. Especially when you try to step out of the box of your own skills and give people a story not just couple random tracks stack on each other.

  1. So the news is, your first artist album will be released on Amplifyd, a very different and new way to release an artist album. I can see on the Amplifyd page that you are offering extras, such as someone being able to pay $199 for fans to buy the album, get studio tuition from you and you remix packs for every track. Is this the reason that motivated you to release on Amplifyd over a recognised Trance label? Do you think it’s a gamble?

Well it is not Amplifyd who will releases the album of course. They are just a third party bringing Artist closer together with their fans. I chose amplify to bring my album first to my biggest fans and give them something on top for a small annual subscription fee. Things like discounts on my merchandise and musical products, instant access to almost all of my past and current releases and as you mentioned a tuition to help the starting producers full-fill they dream of releasing a successful track. I myself had to learn everything on my own as there was no youtube and google when I started so I thought it would be an amazing thing to pass some of my knowledge to people who really want it.

  1. What can fans of ReOrder’s sound expect from your first artist album. Have you approached writing music for an artist album differently, to show more variation with some softer tracks, or is it verymuch the 138 style you’re known for throughout the album?

As I said I think album should be a story that gives away something special for listeners. Of course there will be some 138 tracks but the focus is on album as whole not just individual tracks.

  1. If you could go back in time to when you first started producing music, and could tell yourself some specific tips or advice, things you wish you knew as a producer then that you know now, what would they be?

I wouldn’t actually change anything, because as you grow you learn and that drives you further. I would probably not even listen to myself because I am stubborn but I would strongly  recommend myself to stop drinking. As almost every DJ I used to drink a lot and it was only slowing me down. Now I don’t drink at all and go to gym few times a week. The productivity level has risen like crazy.

Many thanks to ReOrder for taking the time and keep checking his social media for news on his artist album. We can’t wait to hear it!

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