The Politics Of Dancing 3

The wait was long. It took almost a decade for Paul van Dyk to present us the third instalment of his Legendary Trance compilation – The Politics Of Dancing. However, unlike the previous editions as one would assume, this actually is a collaborated artist album.

Paul van Dyk’s 7th studio album is nothing less than phenomenal. The album surely delivers Paul van Dyk’s signature sounds and also, those of his collaborators. When a multitude of the Genre’s best artists (fresh talents included) join forces to create a 14 track album, you’re assured of receiving the best.

The album’s first track “Heart Like An Ocean” presents a solid intro. A collaboration with Godskitchen legend Mark Eteson and Tricia McTeague on the vocals. It’s a Trance track with a superb relaxed pad intro eventually turning into a club track with Paul’s traditional sounds. This track is then followed by perhaps the Album’s most loved track – “Lights” with Sue McLaren. Paul is no stranger working with her vocals (Evolution was a great example). Lights is an Epic track with a tone set closer towards the relaxed club side. Blissful vocals deliver instant Goosebumps.

“My World” is a triple collab with FKN and Mohamed Ragab with Jahala. Majorly an Electro Trance track with beautifully sampled vocals and a fantastic breakdown. Almost an Anthem, but not just yet. “Around The Garden” is the only non-original PVD track on the album, however, it receives one the most special PVD remixes of all times. A vulgar Trance sound escalates rather quickly into an epic club track with a very romantic melody followed by energy driven synths making you dance. Proper POD3 material here. Following this is a vocal rock dance track (remember “Let Go”?) titled “What We’re Livin For” produced with Michael Tsukerman featuring Patrick Droney. Husky vocals and distorted basslines clubbed with solid kicks makes this a danceable rock anthem.

How can there not be a Giuseppe Ottaviani collaboration on a Paul van Dyk Album? Delivering the classic Vandit sound along with new textures is “In Your Arms”, a vocal track with Fisher. This is what one could easily identify as a Vandit Records club track with epic Trance leads and a beautiful festival atmosphere, and to top it up – a piano ballad. “Come With Me” blends into it flawlessly since a small portion of the track is sampled in the previous, preparing you as to what will follow. This track is co-produced with Ummet Ozcan creating a Trance festival anthem (non-generic) provoking one to jump on every single beat. With Ummet’s newer sounds keeping pace with the Paul van Dyk vibe, we get a Beatport #1 and true Politics of Dancing material.

We now reach the turning point, the more business side of the album. From here on, almost every track is a Trance listener’s delight. We’ve already seen some big collaborations, but this one is every Trance fan’s dream – “Guardian”. Aly & Fila and Sue McLaren (Yes! Again!) with Paul van Dyk create possibly the greatest track in Trance collab history! This is a serious Vocal Uplifting Trance track with phenomenal lyrics and exceptional sounds. One of the Best PvD tracks in recent times, and probably the best on the album. Trailing this is a production with Israeli duo Las Salinas with the legendary Betsie Larkin in a track titled “Love is”. A vocal driving-trance track with trademark Las Salinas sounds making it an instant hit.

UK Progressive Trance hero Genix gives his relaxed melodic sounds on a track titled “For You”. This is a fan dedicated track by van Dyk, very emotional, deep, melodic and pure. German duo Stoneface & Terminal join forces to create “Follow Me” – A no non-sense Dark Club track with heavy bass and sharp drums. This might however not appeal to newer audiences since it showcases a more traditional non-commercial structure. One of the other truly Epic tracks on this Album is “City Of Sound” with Jordan Suckley. This is a hardcore Tech Trance Anthem with loads of Psy elements with an orgasmic lead! Press PLAY and see the world transform into a raver’s paradise. This track oozes energy and shouts “Trance” on every beat of every bar. A top-notch production with massive sounds from the Damaged Records Boss.

One of the very first Singles “Only In A Dream” is transformed into a van Dyk signature Club Mix. This is the second vocal track with Tricia McTeague, and features new talent Jessus & Adham Ashraf in a truly Uplifting track. The album finally ends with another huge collaboration titled “Louder” with Mr Balearic – Roger Shah and new talent Daphne Khoo. The version featured on the album is the PvD vs Ben Nicky Remix giving us the best of Paul van Dyk & Roger Shah with a strong Ben Nicky Headf**k sound. Imagine a boat, Ibiza, and a party – This is the track to end the night with.

With so many Big names, delays in it’s initial release, and a dedicated world tour, does it live up to the hype?


The Politics of Dancing 3 may not be anything like its previous editions, but it delivers what was promised. It lives up to the POD standards and it’ll be very difficult for someone to not appreciate it (unless they’re into cheese). Puns aside, this is a solid Trance album giving what was much needed this year with super-saturated titles being released by the dozens daily. It really shows Paul van Dyk is still solid in the scene and that The Politics of Dancing brand remains unchallenged.

The wait was long. It took almost a decade for Paul van Dyk to present us the third instalment of his Legendary Trance compilation – The Politics Of Dancing. However, unlike the previous editions as one would assume, this actually is a collaborated artist album. Paul van Dyk’s 7th studio…
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