deadmau5 attacks Paul van Dyk and accuses BT of trying to hire him as his Ghost Producer

In a live stream broadcast on Twitch, electronic music producer had a few interesting things to say regarding two well-known trance artists.

In regard to Paul van Dyk he said “everybody has a 10-year period of mid-career crisis, Paul van Dyk has almost done his thank God, he’ll be ready to get back with the program any year now, you don’t suck for more than 10 years, its statistically impossible to suck for longer unless you’re doing it on purpose”.

When a fan in chat asked why BT hasn’t made anything in a while, Joel replied “You mean BT’s ghost producer hasn’t made anything in a while?”, he continued “Dude, BT doesn’t produce shit, he fucking hires dude man, everybody fucking knows it, it’s not like, it’s not even a diss”. Joel then went on to say “He has many ghost producers, I bet the guys got some music in him, dude he has hired everyone, fuck he nearly hired me, but he wasn’t fucking smart enough to have me sign an NDA so fuck him”


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