Menno Solo Winter Edition 2018– the best way to kick off the New Year

With the prospects of a whole new and bright year ahead, fully packed with promises of new events, the classic Menno Solo arrives always at the perfect time, while everybody is still under the buzz of their celebrations.

Menno de Jong is a pretty clever guy, he knows exactly when the best timing is to unfold his magic, giving us the wings to fly right away into the New Year and beyond.

There is something special about this young Dutch DJ/producer. I have been attending different events from him, his former editions of Menno Solo Winter and Summer as well as the ones under the label ITWT, I find it interesting how this talented DJ/producer has been making his way through. With a long career in the music industry, Menno de Jong has been showing us how it really is when you believe in yourself and your hard work, because perseverance always pays off. And I think this is important for the current times, a time of expansion for Trance events. It seems that the word is out there, and everybody wants to feel this magic.

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Bringing on this year 2018 we were able to enjoy again with this OTC special set Menno have been cooking for us. After the Summer Edition in August 2017, which I also attended and was wow amazing! It was just a matter of patiently waiting for the Winter Edition… after so many amazing events in 2017, and Trance being more and more present everywhere, I was looking for quality above quantity, so I became more selective. And with Menno’s events I trust that’s what I will get, quality reigns above all. He never disappoints. And that is pretty valuable nowadays. With the boom of Trance and so many events worldwide I kind of miss more of the real magical experiences.

A call for all ‘Creatures of the night

Before recalling all juicy details about this amazing night with Trance in top form, I feel the urge to tell a bit about myself. Also since this is an appreciation of my own personal experience. The fact that I’m writing again about Trance events, it’s been since the summer and I missed it so much! I’m now creating a new home writing based here at Trance Is My Religion, which means a lot to me!

I love Trance. From deep within I feel the music in me; since I was a child, music has always been my best friend and also my therapy. It has always been present. I have hypermobility and have the need to move with music, I guess this is the mainly contributor for this burning passion. I now know that Trance is more than a religion, it’s a way of life.

I experience all my Trance events from a deep emotional state. As I dance, the music feels like electricity running through me.  In this ‘state of Trance’ I can sense the energy of my environment. This can sometimes be a bit annoying, mostly because I’m a short person and have less oxygen when I am surrounded by taller people. I also have the need to move around at my own will the whole time. I am definitely a creature of the night!

Menno Solo, the Winter Edition 2018

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On this Saturday 6th January, on my dad’s birthday, I had enough reasons to celebrate. I realised how grateful I was to be living this moment, at this time, in this place and in this state of mind. Trance On, World Off.

Many good friends, which I haven’t seen for a long while, were also joining – coming from France, UK, Norway, Belgium, Germany, etc.  It’s amazing when we have a Trance event giving us the opportunity to enjoy our time in full bliss and communion. This would be the case of Menno Solo, knowing how to keep the flock together.

We arrived on time with my friend Ivonne, originally from Bolivia, when Menno was already at decks, and the people were little by little getting into WesterUnie. The best thing of an OTC, in my opinion, is that the whole party moves and builds up together. It’s the combination of the music vibes, emotions, feelings, thoughts, senses, moods; all pure energy from all of us coexisting in the same space and time. This homogeneity is of great importance in order to attain harmony and transcendence. Otherwise, the flow will get disturbed and lose that spiritual realm of magic.

I really like WesterUnie as a venue, it has a mix of the old skool industrial look and a ‘better quality’ night club. The sound was good and the whole atmosphere felt welcoming and pretty cool. Seeing Menno, standing on the stage with his 2, 04 m, always with a smile on his face, looking quite humble and at the same time totally under control. He is a relaxed type of guy, down to earth, who has a strong sense of his environment and his crowd.

The first part of his set was mainly into the progressive beats, building slowly in crescendo to get us move on our feet. I personally found it a bit too long, as if the introduction was taking longer than what my feet wanted. I was upstairs, having fun with my friends, a couple living in Paris, Natalia (also from Argentina) and Yass, enjoying our time together since it was long time ago we’ve seen each other for the last time. As if the night was still to unfold, so was the feeling within the first couple of hours. We were dancing but at the same time talking, drinking; it was with pleasure, there was no hurry and we were in all this together.

Set to sail while the night is on fire

When the music started to build up I felt this subtle electric feeling building up inside of me, at this moment Menno was showing his best skills and the music was taking us higher and higher. I love it when I look around me and people are enthusiast, with happy faces, smiling, dancing. The main stage were Menno was playing was fully packed, getting a bit warmer; I felt this enlightening feeling of satisfaction, a happy feeling of times yet to come. The lasers and visuals kept the atmosphere warm and flowing, giving the necessary dynamic to the whole experience. Everything was fitting to perfection.

The whole night was amazing, sharing the good vibes, the happiness; like a fortune cookie prediction, the magic of the New Year funding our base and direction into the realms of our future.

This Menno Solo Winter Edition was magical, with much amazing music, old and new tracks, classic and popular ones.

RonV Photography©

The cherry on the pie was the 2 hours classic vinyl set. It was the perfect way to close this marathon of delight and joyfulness. Perfectly mastered set with jewels we all love such as ‘Suburban train’ by Tiësto or ‘Sunrise’ by 4 Strings, to name just a few.

Time flies when you are having fun and by the end of it, we were all feeling happy and satisfied. There was this huge feeling of unity, an authentic family gathering. Tired but still giving more, Menno de Jong did something amazing, throwing vinyl’s from his old label ‘Intuition Recordings’ to the crowd. People were jumping to get one, my friend Yass was one of the lucky ones. And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect, came exactly as a gift for his birthday!

I was eager to get a photo with Menno. I’m not much into making pics at parties, because generally I’m in my own world and I also feel a bit shy. But this time I really wanted a picture with him. Thinking how was that going to be on picture, such a tall guy with me such a short woman. Menno was sitting on a stool while grabbing my Argentine flag, flanked by Ivonne and me. The Latin-American passion was highly present this night!

Tired and happy we made our way back home, nesting this feeling of hope and love within our hearts, in such a perfect way to kick off 2018 and start the year with full gas! Vamos!






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